Cimpex.com is a international trade company, specializing in the import-export of agrifood products and drinks and different products. Cimpex is the result of hard work and experience in the food and beverage import and export business for over two decades. cimpex.com focuses on innovative business methods for international trade using technology. And the cimpex.com platform to give a new dimension to international trade, cimpex.com has long and experience as an importer and exporter of food & drink products from all over the world, in effective partnership with the seller and the Buyer. ..


CIMPEX NEGOCE is to offer a long term business relationship. Because your goods are at the heart of our skills, and cimpex.com Already integrated in the trade, and Allowing You to find the goods at the best price is our job. , With our cimpex.com and very diversified customers, we provide a trading service with end-to-end support for the various import / export needs, Our dedicated expert experience defines with you from the trading of products To provide you with quality at the best prices and adapted logistics, To consistently exceed expectations and your goal. And guides and assists you for each step and for each problem.


Cimpex specializes in the import and export of food and drink products internationally. We have extensive experience of real expertise in terms of the internationalization of trade and market knowledge, In the control of purchases and sales as well as knowledge of the regulations in force, In all logistics operations, and Business and us are fluent in foreign languages, Our experience of expertise to reduce the risks in the import / export experienced, and competent and Our expert will give you all the information you need to increase your chances of buying and selling more of the right products in complete discretion - product specifications, target price, payment method, shipping method etc. We are ready and ready to answer your questions and give you the best advice, please do not hesitate to contact us for any information.


Our mission is to offer you in order to offer you quality products always at the best prices.
We negotiate competitive offers tailored to the needs of our customers.
Cimpex is a manager specializing in import-export, offering to support you during all stages of your commercial strategy: purchasing and negotiation, customs formalities, management of the documentary package, This multidisciplinary expertise allows us to save you time and reduce the risks associated with your business strategy, so that you can quickly and confidently achieve your business goals,
Cimpex follows industry trends and needs very closely and is thus able to predict market developments and priorities. Cimpex is always on the front line to provide you with the best products at the best prices,
Our experts are there to provide you with all the information you need (product description, price, payment terms, availability, shipping method, etc.) to help you optimize your chances of buying the best products at the right time. .
Cimpex offers you a wide range of products and suppliers from all over the world.
You can also share with us your inquiries regarding your needs for specific food and drink products. If you are interested in any of our products, please submit a request to us Product Info . With the product reference number, and our teams will contact you as soon as possible.


Cimpex.com is a new generation work for the seller. Bringing all the products together on one page with all the information, we make it easier to sell your products around the world, and we monitor and improve performance.
Cimpex offers a variety of programs and services to help increase exports of food and beverage products. Whether your business is starting up or already exporting to several countries,
And that the products must have a smart, easy-to-use platform. PacquƩ that everything is going fast these days. The new market deserves the best tools from cimpex.com that help them be successful, and the buyer in their market enjoys their working day.
Cimpex.com Portal to present all your products, promotion and marketing in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And to optimize expenses, resources and time spent. Attract more buyers by uploading product description and pictures. All your products in the Showcase on cimpex.com And you promote products and your company on the international market
our experience for your company with years of experience. Marketing, campaign campaign in the product directory and search results on social networks and search engines, and many more.
they make products without any competition.


Give your products the opportunity to work worldwide online, because each country is deferential, With cimpex.com you can sell and buy your products all over the world. Without any border.
We work with you products, and we want to understand your business strategy and goals, to give you the best deals possible. And with you will find an ally who will always bring ideas to your whole world and who will make your smart strategy work. And you can export or import the right way around the world. Cimpex.com without geographic or psychic distance and with years of experience working with global companies. Our structure allows us to adapt to us buyers and sellers of all kinds and sizes of businesses in all countries to import and export safely.

What does cimpex mean?

Each company chooses a name for its company, because we are in the import export sector, we choose this name cimpex to be at the center of the import export and easy to remember, our name CIMPEX means, Company Import export

Global market

Global business needs to understand other cultures and languages. The seller and the buyers speak different languages and come from different cultures. multi-cultural and multi-lingual cimpex.com, an offer that values diversity and communication.


Cimpex.com is Exporter, Importer and Global Sourcing Company, engaged in importing and exporting products. We are committed to bringing you the best available products, along with the highest standards of Quality at optimum price. We always strive to build lasting business partnerships with our clients by offering the best value proposition for the trade




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Is an import and export company
specializing in the i-trade
of agro-food and drinks.



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